Current project

We learn from our mistakes – or do we? Towards more efficient use of talking and listening experience in a second language. (Vidi career development grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO.)

Research interests

Second language acquisition

  • (Improving) sound perception and production in a second language
  • (Improving) word recognition in non-native listening
  • (Improving) segmentation of continuous speech in non-native listening
  • Effects of bilingual education
  • Lexical tests for advanced learners: LexTALE


  • First language retention and relearning in international adoptees
  • Codeswitching

PhD projects supervision


  • Aurora Troncoso Ruiz: How disruptions in communication help enhance the acquisition of L2 sounds in production.
  • Monica Wagner: Individual differences in foreign accent.
  • Yachan Liang: When speech becomes emotional: A cross-linguistic study of emotion production and perception in tone and non-tone languages.


  • Emily Felker (2021). Learning Second Language Speech Perception in Natural Settings. PhD dissertation, Radboud University.
  • Chara Tsoukala (2021). Bilingual Sentence Production and Code-Switching: Neural Network Simulations. PhD dissertation, Radboud University.
  • Claire Goriot (2019). Early-English Education Works No Miracles: Cognitive and Linguistic Development of Mainstream, Early-English, and Bilingual Primary-School Pupils in The Netherlands. PhD dissertation, Radboud University.
  • Sammie Tarenskeen (2016). What’s the Use of Colour? On the Role of Salience in Overspecification. PhD dissertation, Radboud University.
  • Laurence Bruggeman (2016). Nativeness, Dominance, and the Flexibility of Listening to Spoken Language. PhD dissertation, University of Western Sydney, Australia.
  • Wencui Zhou (2015). Assessing Birth Language Memory in Young Adoptees. PhD dissertation, Radboud University.
  • Jiyoun Choi (2014). Rediscovering a Forgotten Language. PhD dissertation, Radboud University.